Finding the Courage to Lead Within

Free yourself from self-doubt, judgment and comparison

Transform your Inner Critic into your Inner Champion

Discover the courage to share your Creative Genius with the world

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Join my 21-day Guided Journey just for Creative Women Entrepreneurs. 
Sharing our gifts, talents and art with the world is one of the most vulnerable things we can do. It takes more than self-esteem and confidence. It takes self-compassion, self-love and courage. If you are committed to stop hiding and start leading, then today is the day to begin.

Here's what to expect when you join:
Finally get to the root of why you have so much confidence in some areas of your life and so little in others.
Discover the true meaning of self-love that most other personal development programs miss completely.
Combine art, journaling and meditation to tap into your deep well of self-love.
Turn your innate Creative Genius into your Super Power so that you can change the world.
Create your Inner Champion to support you on your journey to visibility and leadership.
At the end of 21 days, you will have a personalized Self-Love Blueprint that will guide your journey beyond our time together.
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