My Amazing Life: How I Choreograph My Sacred Life

shann vann der leek

shann vann der leek

My Amazing Life Series

Welcome to another installment of the “My Amazing Life” series where I share stories celebrating the ordinary and the extraordinary in women’s lives. I am delighted to share a beautiful guest post today from one of my favorite people, Shann Vander Leek. Enjoy her story and be sure to leave her some comment love today.


How I Choreograph My Sacred Life

by Shann Vander Leek

Last spring the members of my wise women’s circle gathered at my home. During our visit I was curious to know what the elder of our group deemed her most favorite sacred feminine ritual. She said,“Shann, I experience my life as a sacred ritual.” A powerful, matter-of-fact answer to my question…Carol’s response changed my life forever.

I love the idea of choreographing my life in a beautiful way. Contemplating what I want my sacred life to contain has been top-of-mind since witnessing Carol claim her life with complete clarity.

my amazing life

My first step was to sit with the question: how will I define my one and only sacred life? Here is what came up for me after walking the shores of Lake Michigan and writing in my journal.

My sacred life will overflow with:

  • loving kindness and compassionate self-care
  • creative expression
  • spaciousness
  • infinite gratitude
  • connection and community

The next step was to define what each of these areas personally represent.

Loving Kindness & Compassion

I practice loving kindness with my family, friends and community. This way of being includes nonviolent communication, generosity, mindfulness and staying present as often as possible. Learning to be gentle with my self has become a daily practice. I’ve learned to pace myself and breathe deeply. I recognize old patterns and quiet my shaming inner critics.

Creative Expression

I love photography, music, writing, painting, cooking, and making my personal space warm, inviting and beautiful. My environment, personal style and creative endeavors contribute to this sacred life. Exploring what I want to create and how I wish to express myself through my blog, articles and books. I love to flaunt the sweet spots of my creativity.

Spaciousness & Flow

As an introvert, I can experience anxiety before making a speech or attending large social gatherings. After speaking engagements, I need a full day of down time to recover from all of the energy I give away. I honor myself by carving out a lot of space in between my engagements. I also enjoy my being home in my sanctuary with my family vs. stacking the calendar with things to do. I’ve learned to use my time in a way that serves me well.

Infinite Gratitude

The more thankful I am about my present reality, the more prosperity and abundance flow into my life. When I’m needy, constricted or feeling depleted, it seems as if everything comes to a halt. On the days I experience self-doubt, fear and uncertainty, I still give thanks. I choose to be grateful for my health, that I have clean water to drink, and a warm bed to sleep in. Giving thanks for the way things are opens the flow of abundance.

Connection and Friendship

Saying yes to participating and facilitating wise women’s circles has proven to be a beautiful gift of connection. For most of my life I chose to go it alone. I was the strong one and rarely ever asked for help from my friends. In the last two years I’ve softened so much and can allow myself to be witnessed when I’m sad, angry or feeling small. I’ve set aside the illusion of my separateness. Allowing for more openness, vulnerability and transparency is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

Now that I’ve shared how I am defining my sacred life, I invite you to explore and create your one sacred life.

Questions for Your Consideration

  • How do you wish to define your sacred life?
  • Do you need to consciously create more spaciousness in your life?
  • What can you do right now to be more present for your experience?
  • What makes you come alive?


Meet Shann Vander Leek

my sacred lifeUnconventional and delightfully curious; Shann Vander Leek is the founder of True Balance International, co-founder of Anxiety Slayer, author of Life on Your Terms and 3 more best selling books for women. She blogs at Transformation Goddess where women go for a soulful, sensual and sacred exploration. Shann loves to mentor women in the throes of life-altering transition who are ready to unlock their golden handcuffs, reclaim their feminine sovereignty and transform their precious lives. Check out Shann’s free audio series at

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