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Why It’s Never Too Late to Go After Your Creative Dreams

I had this great conversation with a colleague yesterday. We were connecting about our businesses and about creativity and she made a comment about me making “real art.” I laughed out loud. You see, I don’t consider myself a “real artist.” I have no training. I paint, draw and craft for the pure joy of it. Plus, throughout my life I have received some harsh criticism that stopped me from making art for decades.

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I reconnected with my creativity. And when I did, it changed everything for me. It changed the direction of my life and my work. Now creative play is incorporated into everything that I do. When I integrated my passion for art and poetry into my business coaching, everything changed. I had way more fun and I realized it would be more fun for my coaching clients, too. And surprisingly, I started to make more money and attract more clients.

And as I look at how I have grown as an artist, I feel more comfortable claiming that title, and I feel more confident in other areas of my life. My art has created more visibility in my business.

One of my friends shared this poem on Facebook and it captures exactly how I feel about making art:

“your art
is not about how many people
like your work
your art
is about
if your heart likes your work
if your soul likes your work
it’s about how honest
you are with yourself
and you
must never
trade honesty
for relatability”
―Rupi Kaur

creative dreams

What creative dreams would you pursue if you knew it was impossible for you to fail?

Purusing my creative dreams changed everything. If this is possible for me, then you can achieve your creative dreams too! Could your current position in life  be the launching pad to the destiny you’ve always dreamed about?

Bigger dreams take longer to achieve. But if you focus on small steps and take consistent action, you can achieve whatever your heart desires. The key to a life of success and fulfillment is to chase your dreams, beginning today. You must start your journey now, especially if your dream is a big one that may take a while to achieve.

It All Comes Down To Attitude

Much of the battle for your dreams is fought in the mind, which is why it’s so important to believe in yourself and your abilities. Before you even start making progress towards your dreams, know that success is yours for the taking if you believe and take action.
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There are many reasons that you may doubt yourself. I know, because I have fought through so many doubts and limiting beliefs to get to where I am today. You may convince yourself that you lack the intelligence, resources, or capability. But if you have a dream in your heart, then you can achieve it! It’s just as easy to convince yourself that you can do it. Try replacing defeating self-talk with empowering affirmations that fire you up and get you moving.

To get ready to reach your goals, start by questioning and attacking your doubts.

Ask yourself:

  • Are they really true?
  • Are they logical?
  • Most doubts are simply exaggerations based on fear. Replace them with empowering thoughts that boost your confidence. Instead of focusing on the big picture, focus on the small steps that will get you to your dream.

    List all the skills and positive qualities you possess. If you can’t think of any, ask your friends and family. Others often have a better perspective on your strengths than you do.

    Think of the compliments you’ve received, write them down, and review them often to combat the fear and anxiety that falsely lead you to believe that you aren’t good enough.

    Next, list the things you want most in life.

  • What are your financial and career goals?
  • What would you like your relationships to be like?
  • What are your core values?

Explore yourself and find the dreams that you’ve buried beneath fear and inaction. Dust off those dreams and start to take action today.

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Dealing With Fears

Once you’ve decided to go after your dreams, you’ll likely deal with some form of fear. This is because risks can be scary. But the people that take risks tend to be happier in life in the long run. Choose to step out of your comfort zone to chase after the destiny you deserve. Start be simply stepping to the far edge of your comfort zone, baby steps will still get you to where you want to go.

When you feel fear, listen to what your mind is saying. Ask yourself why you’re afraid and determine whether this fear is serving you, or holding you back. Some fear is healthy, but much of it is caused by irrational exaggerations of reality. People who achieve great things feel fear and choose to turn that fear into a motivator to push them forward.

The primary reason many fall short of their dreams is inaction. If you face your fears head on and take consistent action, you will achieve the success you deserve. But if you fail to take action, the fear will win. Instead, take one small action today that will begin to create in you an unstoppable momentum. Ride that momentum to the destiny you desire – and deserve!