Reason #2 You Are Not Making a Profit in Your Business

not making a profit

not making a profit

Not Making a Profit in Your Business?

Reason number two you are not making a profit in your business is that you are not focusing on your ideal client or target market. We’ve all heard this, ad nauseam. Why, then, do we end up veering away from our customer’s needs and dreams and problems to talk about ourselves and our businesses?

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Why are we so afraid of narrowing our focus to our ideal client? I think it’s because we feel like we are turning away business, but the truth is the opposite. When you focus in on the perfect client, you will start attracting more of them and increasing your profits quickly.

Stop trying to position yourself to show off your best advantages and most impressive accomplishments. That’s not what your clients are looking for. Keep those amazing accomplishments for your “About” page – and keep the facts relevant to the person reading.

Only put facts about yourself on your home page or landing page if the reader really needs to know them. And try to make it just one holy-cow-amazing fact.

And before you even attempt to write for your ideal customer or client, listen to her. Look in forums and social networks for her most common complaints and frustrations. Her problems and struggles are your potential products and service packages!

In other words – make sure you really know – and care about – your target audience.

Laser-focusing on your Ideal Customer or Client Needs will Increase Your Profits

For every web page or blog post you write, get into the habit of first asking yourself questions such as:

  • “What does she want to know about [your page’s topic]?”
  • “What does she want to hear?”
  • “What have I got that she wants?”

Make sure you follow a plan. Create an editorial calendar and a marketing calendar that is focused on solving a series of problems for your ideal client. This will attract more of them to you, increasing your profits and creating a steady flow of income.

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