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Kids, Camps and Clients? Oh My!

Only one more day of school left, hooray! I am not sure who is more excited – the kids or my husband and I. In fact, my husband posted on his Facebook page this morning that he made the last school lunch for a few months.

It’s amazing how much time we free up in the summer when we are not focused on getting two kids out the door with a good breakfast, lunch made and backpacks packed.

While our mornings feel freer, the rest of the days and weeks can be daunting. My husband and I both work from home. Kids hanging around the house being loud, bored or waiting for a ride to somewhere can feel just as overwhelming as school schedules and way less organized!

In fact, for most parents, summer can be a nightmare of kids, camps and play dates. When I owned my publishing company, the kids would often spend long hours hanging out at the office, along with the kids of other staff members. It often felt like as much like a summer camp as it did like my office. It worked for a while – until the kids would get too rambunctious or too bored and start whining! Working from home can particularly challenging for parents in the summer months.

Yet, we don’t want to lose sight of our focus. Most of us got into business because we have a passion for what we do and a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is as simple as making some extra spending money, paying for summer camps and family vacations. Other times, we are struggling to pay bills and see consistent income coming through the door.

I find that many people suffer from summer-itis, especially if we have kids in school. We tend to think about summer being a time to take a break, slow down, and relax. And while it’s important to take breaks, now is not the time to slack off in your business. In fact, summer is a great time to get work done, you just have to be more flexible about the when, sometimes the where and remember your why!

What’s the solution?

Learning to manage two things: your expectations and your time! Summer schedules for entrepreneurs can suddenly look overwhelming – how will you get to your networking events, return those calls, send out that newsletter every week?? Yikes!

I was leading a mastermind call with my clients this week and the topic of time management was at the top of everyone’s list. I have some proven strategies for making sure you get work done, enjoy time with your family and still make money this summer.

After sharing some of these tips with my mastermind clients, I realized that I wanted to share them with you, too! So I am offering a one-hour complimentary training next Tuesday at 4pm PST to help you stop the overwhelm, fear and worry about running your business and your family this summer.

Click here to register now for the complimentary training: https://minetteriordan.com/business-family/

Take a minute to share in the comments below what your biggest summer scheduling concerns are and I will work hard to answer those in the training on Tuesday. I guarantee that after this one hour investment of your time, you will feel so much better about the summer. Email me right now if you are committed to keeping your business going this summer!

It’s time to stop struggling, stop stressing out and start enjoying your family and your life!

Click here to register now for the training: https://minetteriordan.com/business-family/

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  1. Sheila Callaham on June 5, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    One summer when I was still in the corporate world and my youngest son was in an invention camp, I was rushing, rushing to get everything together for me to get to work on time and my son to get to camp. On this particular morning he was to bring an old appliance so he could build a new creation. I’d been saving an old margarita maker just for this purpose. Hastily, I grabbed the appliance, nudged my son toward the garage, and off we went. Skip to the weekend and when I went to grab the margarita maker to prepare for a get together we were having with friends, I realized that I’d given him the brand new replacement appliance, not the old one! Needless to say, the motor on his newly created helicopter worked with great precision! These days, I’m more mindful, I take my time, and I smile in gratitude for all I have learned along the way. Good luck with your training — the timing is absolutely perfect!

    • minette on June 12, 2014 at 5:50 pm

      OMG, Sheila, I love this story. I am sitting here giggling out loud!

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