How to be a peaceful and powerful mother AND entrepreneur.


Thank you so much to those of you who were able to join us live today to listen to Scout Wilkins talk about the importance of self-appreication and how our stories can hold us back from creating the life we want. This was an enlightening and amazing conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed. I cannot wait to talk to Scout again on a future teleseminar!

Here is a link to the replay of the event:

And here are several great resources from Scout and a way to connect with her personally. 

You can go here to download Scout Wilkins’ free e-book, “Just Who IS in Charge Here, Anyway?”

Scout is also sharing two short videos with great insights on how to implement some of the tools she shared today on the call.

Change the Question video tip:

Put it in the Past Tense Video Tip:

Finally, Scout offers a free personal Vision Embodied Session. This is a private phone conversation in which she’ll help you hear the voice in your heart, about what you most want, and how you most want to feel…then go hear the voices that keep you from being there right now. The result is you will understand specifically what is happening at an unconscious level, so you can set a new intention and create a new conversation inside. If you’d like to sign up for a session, e-mail her at to set it up.

We also mentioned our mutual sadness at the loss of Robin Williams. The media is saying that depression caused him to commit suicide.

Scout shared a resource for anyone who might be suffering from depression. Check it out below!

Here is a link to Robert Sapolsky’s lecture on Depression. SO useful, if you deal with depression or know others who do.

Again, thank you for registering for this webinar and I hope you found the content as insightful as I did!!