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Positive Self-Talk Day 3: I am at peace

Welcome to Day 3 of the 7 Day Positive Self-Talk Challenge. You can read Day 1 here to learn more about this challenge and why positive self-talk matters.

Today I want to focus on the topic of peace. When we choose peace, we also choose self-love. Kindness towards ourselves and others flows from within. When you are constantly berating or demeaning yourself, you are not at peace. This creates stress, tension and often illness in your body. Peace is a practice, just like meditation, exercise and making healthy choices.

Today’s focus in the positive self-talk challenge is on choosing peace. Read the words below out loud and make time to journal your answers to the reflection questions below.

affirmations for peaceWhat one thing can you do today to create more peace in your life? Here are some ideas that work for me:

a walk outside
drawing or painting
reading poetry
lighting a candle

I find that choosing peace begins within and requires vigilance. Watch your words today and notice when you are being unkind to yourself or others. Gently remind yourself that you choose peace. Apologize to yourself and begin again.

Please remember that this is a practice, be gentle and kind as you work to shift your negative thoughts to positive self-talk.

Positive Self-Talk Reading for Day 3: I am at peace

I am at peace.

The amount of peace in my life is up to me. I know I can choose to have a peaceful life, so I consciously make that choice. I find this to be an enjoyable and successful path through life.

I am at peace because I make smart decisions each day. I make decisions that are congruent with my values and beliefs.

Before I make any decision, I examine my values. This allows me to keep what is most important in the front of my mind. I let go of any urges to stray from this process. My strong decision-making skills allow me to be at peace.

While it can sometimes be challenging to always make appropriate decisions, I realize it is even more challenging if I fail to do so. I choose peace. This means I consistently make appropriate choices, regardless of the difficulty.

It might seem like others can affect my sense of peacefulness, but I realize this is just an illusion. I ultimately bear all the responsibility for my emotions and feelings.

Being at peace has so many benefits. I sleep more soundly and view the world through eyes free of negative perception. I am able to see the beauty in all things and realize the challenges of life are minor.

Today, my mind is like a still pond, free of disruption. I feel peace and tranquility and aim to keep it that way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. If I rated my feelings of tranquility on a scale of 1-10, what would my rating be?
  2. How can I feel a greater sense of peace each day?
  3. What challenges impede my quest for peace?


Creative Expression Idea:

i am at peaceOne of my favorite things to do is to create mandalas in nature. The image above is a mandala created by my daughter and I on the beach in San Diego. I encourage you to take a few moments, longer if you can, to go outside and create a mandala with whatever you find around you: rocks, sticks, grass, flowers, leaves. Take 15 minutes and create a sacred circle and allow peace to flow through you as you enjoy connecting with nature.