Positive Self-Talk Day 5 – Dealing with Gremlins

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Positive Self-Talk Day 5 – Dealing with Your Inner Gremlins

All week long I have been discussing fun ideas for dealing with your negative thoughts and how to bring more intention and focus to positive self-talk. Hopefully you took the challenge issued on day 1 and are making strides towards treating yourself with loving kindness.

If you have been making progress, there will come a point or maybe you have already experienced this, where you Inner Gremlins will attack!

You might be looking in the mirror saying to your reflection, “I am beautiful, smart, going to make 2 sales today…” and your Inner Gremlins are responding with:

Who do you think you are?

You aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough, to do that!

You have got to be kidding, really? You think you can do THAT?

How to Get Rid of Your Inner Gremlins

Well, it’s time take a baseball bat to those gremlins and knock them out of the park!

The sad thing is, those gremlins can be cute and furry like our buddy in the picture above. They are familiar, safe, they feel like a part of us.

But the Gremlins are not a part of you – they are just negative thoughts and beliefs that you can eradicate from your life.

I am at a three-day training event today in Los Angeles, CA and this post was inpsired by Jesse Koren of Thrive Academy who was leading the workshop this morning.

He said that when you start to shift your energy and focus, to change your thoughts and embrace a bigger vision of what’s possible, it’s as if you are calling to your gremlins to come to the surface.

The cool thing is, once your negative thoughts are out of your subconscious and you notice them, you can delete them. He had us kicking and punching our gremlins, telling them to shoo, go away, that they are not needed anymore.

Today, I invite you to do the same thing. I want you to imagine each of your negative thought gremlins inside of a ball. Then I want you to imagine taking a baseball bat and knocking that ball out of the park and out of your mind forever!

Mastering the habits of positive self-talk

Mastering the habits of positive self-talk does not mean you get to ignore the negative thoughts or push them deeper down into your subconscious. You must face them, acknowledge them, perhaps even thank them for keeping you safe in the past. Tell them they are no longer needed, you can take care of yourself.

So fill in the blanks below, as many times as needed and then grab your virtual bat and hit some home runs!

I can’t  ______________ because I _________________.

Sample: I can’t charge more money because I don’t have the right traning.

Sample: I can’t speak on a big stage because I am too fat.

Sample: I can’t apply for that job, I don’t have a degree.

These thoughts are insidious and often buried deep, so be gentle with yourself as you work through this process. If you find yourself feeling sad, depressed or overwhelmed, please reach out to someone and ask for support. You don’t have to go through this process alone.

Want something more tangible, write them all out on a piece of paper and either burn the paper, shred it or tear it up and flush it down the toilet.

Once you have dealt with your Inner Gremlins, stand in front of the mirror again and start over again with some of those powerful I am statements you created on day 4 of the positive self-talk challenge.

You can do this!! Share in the comments below what inner gremlins you are knocking out of the park today.



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