Going Beyond Imagination

going beyond imagination

Creative work is deep work. I was out for my walk this morning and was thinking about my approach to creativity, especially to intuitive collage. Do you find yourself getting caught up in your head; thinking you are not creative or don’t have a very good imagination? Do you get caught up in judgments and ideas about what a “good” artist is? Or what “imagination” should look like or produce? The magic happens when you find yourself going beyond imagination and reconnecting to your intuition.

How do you know when you are going beyond imagination?

You stop thinking, or planning or judging or trying to put it all together the right way. What if you allow all of your senses to be fully engaged in the creative process? You don’t know why you choose a particular image, color or word and it doesn’t matter. You trust that it’s the one you need most in the moment.

Thinking stops creativity in it’s tracks and you find yourself floundering, stuck or frustrated.

I love leading women through creative process that allows them to mine the depths of their own creative knowing. This type of deep work is about creating meaning more than it is about creating art. What comes from these creative depth sessions is always exquisitely beautiful.

The painting above is an example of an intuitive painting in progress. I just keep feeling all these windows opening into my soul and into the wonder of the divine beyond. No idea where this painting will take me but I am loving the journey. Part of the joy of going beyond imagination is reconnecting to play and allowing ourselves time for daydreaming.

Day 3 of Courageous Creativity: Making time to daydream

For day 3 of my 21 days of Courageous Creativity, I chose the prompt making time to daydream.

In a culture that emphasizes work hard, push and hustle, hustle, hustle, it can be hard to think about daydreaming. Remember when you were a kid and could spend hours cloud gazing? The source of imagination is internal, not external and more often than not flows from daydreams. I am a hard-working overachiever – at least I used to be. I’m in recovery.

Being in recovery means making time to daydream and to heal. It means rewriting the narrative of my life that says my value stems from my doing and not from my being.

On my walk this morning, I had so much fun taking photos of spring blooms and being lost in thought. I experienced such an outpouring of creative ideas I had to keep stopping to make notes in my phone about them. When I stopped putting misplaced focus on my walks as only about exercise – walk longer, harder faster, I found myself enjoying and being fully present in the moment! And I got exercise too, without the added judgment of I’m not okay as I am.

There were many pauses to take pretty pictures, to watch the Canada geese flying overhead and the woodpeckers in the palm trees, to shed a tear for the giant eucalyptus that fell in the recent storms. My well of inspiration is filled by my connection to nature and to myself.

Not only does that inspiration inevitably show up in my creative work but it shifts my relationship with myself. Rather than saying I need to push harder to get in shape, I say “walking makes my body and heart so happy.” I am in love with the experience, I am in a relaxed state of being rather than doing, walking becomes “I get to walk today” instead of “I have to walk today.” When I am in this space, I love and accept myself exactly as I am. There is nothing to change, to shed, to improve.

To me this is the essence of going beyond imagination to get to the core of who you are being in the world. Creative process like intuitive collage is a powerful tool to move you quickly into the depth and true of who you are being. And at the core of you is an infinitely creative being.

Click here to read more about Courageous Creativity, a free 21 day journey to self-love through art and journaling.

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  1. Melissa

    Minette, this is beautiful. Love your paintings and love how you help others open up their creative souls.

    • minette

      Thank you Melissa, I appreciate that and love the words you gifted me with: help others open up their creative souls. Thank you! That is what I do.

  2. Martha

    I love your painting of the windows. You never know where a window will take your soul.

  3. Cheryl

    So beautiful. Ahh, to just daydream.

    • minette

      Thank you Cheryl! to just daydream… it’s so good for us!

  4. Nancy

    love the collages above….I find crafting and creativity very therapeutic. I use it daily…I enjoy creating Glue Books and all it is is pretty much collaging with many different mediums. Sometimes, they are intense and at other times, they are as simple as A.B. C. Guess it depends on life in that moment…thank you for your inspiration!

    • minette

      Thank you Nancy! Yes it is so therapeutic isn’t it! I could not live without my creative practice at this stage of my life.


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February 3, 2021