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Why Public Speaking is a Powerful Marketing Tool

I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing my friend and public speaking coach Lisa Braithwaite yesterday for my bi-monthly webinar series. Coach Lisa rocks! She is intelligent, articulate, funny and a total dork. Yep, that’s right, she claims that she is a total dork and it works for her. In fact, she has an awesome new 5-part video series premiering on November 17 called: “Public Speaking for Awkward Dorks: Embrace Your Dorkiness and Discover Your Inner Superhero!” You can see all the details on her homepage.

I took copious notes while listening to her answers to my questions and I wanted to share some of the tips I learned from her. Or you can still sign up to listen to the replay of the interview here and take your own notes.

I think what I loved best about speaking with Lisa was that her philosophy for using public speaking as a tool to grow your business was a match for my personal philosophy on marketing: it’s all about building relationships and creating engagement! I have been a successful entrepreneur for close to 15 years. I have already built one multiple-six-figure business and am on my way to building my second one. Speaking was one of my best tools for building that first business!

I owned a parenting magazine and publishing company in the Dallas, TX area for 11 years. I was always looking to increase my readership as well as my advertising revenue. I found speaking to be the quickest and most effective means of getting in front of the right people. That is the trick to any successful marketing plan – understanding how to get in front of enough of the right people! Even though I have been speaking for over a decade, I learned a few great tips from Lisa that I wanted to share here with you today.

Why Preparation is the Key to Being a Great Speaker

Lisa reiterated multiple times that preparation is the key to becoming a great speaker but that most people don’t prepare in the right way. Here are her best tips for preparing to give an excellent presentation:

1. Do your homework and get to know your audience ahead of time.

2. Arrive early to meet and get to know some of the attendees.

3. Be clear about your objective ahead of time. What specific action do you want the audience to take?

4. Make your presentation about giving value to your audience. The biggest mistake presenters make is creating a presentation that screams “Me, me, me!” Offer useful and relevant tools that attendees can implement right away!

5. If you practice anything ahead of time, Lisa says, practice your opening and your closing statements. This makes you look like and sound like an expert!

Lisa shared other great tips and ideas in our hour together, so I encourage you to take the time to listen to her. She models what it means to be a great presenter, either in person or on an interview. Lisa also shares some fabulous information about how to overcome stage fright and she reminds us all that stage fright is normal, no matter how long you have been speaking!

Why Public Speaking Should be a Part of Every Marketing Plan

I loved Lisa’s perspective on how to be a better speaker and how to engage our audience by building relationships, giving value and having a clear objective. But I also want to share why I personally believe that public speaking should be part of every marketing plan, even if it terrifies you right now.

1. Speaking to audiences large or small showcases you as the expert in your industry.

2. It’s a great way to get in front of a large number of people who are interested in what you have to offer all at once.

3. It instantly boosts your credibility and increases your “know, like, and trust factor,” encouraging prospects to learn more about you.

4. It is an awesome way to build your email list!

5. Depending on your model for speaking, you can make an offer from the stage and get new clients – while providing great value.

I would love for you to share in the comments your experience with speaking to grow your business!

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