Ignite Your Creative Fire Course

Ignite Your Creative Fire: Reclaim Lost Parts of Yourself, Reconnect to Your Inner Wisdom and Design Your Next Adventure

An 8 week virtual experience designed for visionary women leaders, deep thinkers and magic seekers who are ready to travel a new path into the heart of their creative spirit and infuse their work and life with new energy in the coming year.

Dear Visionary Leader,

In this moment – right now – take a breath and look inside yourself. Search for your creativity. You may find that you aren’t feeling connected to any creativity at all. In fact, you might be longing for adventurous new methods of self-expression in your life. You’ve been trying to find time to dust off dreams and reconnect with your zest for life but you don’t see the way forward.

Your soul is longing to dance in the firelight but you’ve been so focused on your business goals, income and achievements that you’ve left parts of yourself behind. It is time to stir the flames, to bring in new energy that will allow you to see clearly the next version of who you want to be.

At some point in your past you started to believe the stories that you aren’t an artist or that creative play is a waste of time. Yet you remember the joy of of childhood and the abundant flow of imagination and innovation, the potential in a box of crayons or a cardboard box. What happened to that part of you? The curious, playful explorer. The believer in magic and myth.

If you found your way here, a bright spark is still alive within you and you are ready to explore the unmapped territory of your wild, creative self and give voice to all the aspects of you.

Are you ready…

  • To journey into the roots of your stories, scars and distant dreams to discover the sacred wild spark of your original voice?
  • To create a bridge between your inner vision and your outer reality that awakens your imagination so that you can no longer keep silent or keep pushing your desires aside?
  • To work with the shadow and the light so that you can understand the nature of your creative fire?

This adventure is for you if you have been holding on to a deep desire for something new, feeling a longing to escape, wanting to hop on a plan and disappear for a year… but fear or lack of clarity is holding you back.

  • Your soul is longing for self-expression but you don’t know how to begin.
  • You are ready to heal old stories around your creative abilities.
  • You are committed to making time to explore the boundaries of your emerging creative voice.
  • You are being called to play in a bigger way.
  • You want to renew your passion and vision for your life’s purpose.

By the end of our journey together, you will have mapped the territory ahead. You will have crystal clarity on your next steps and a daily practice to keep the fires burning bright. And you will have a circle of sisters to travel with you on the journey.

During the journey you will:

  • Redefine What Being Creative Means To You
  • Connect to your Creative Archetypes
  • Discover Your Unique Self-Expression
  • Design Rituals and Practices to Nourish You
  • Breathe New Life into your Purpose, Passion and Projects
  • Map out the Territory Ahead and Plan your Journey
  • Connect with other Visionary Women Leaders

What’s Included in the Ignite Your Creative Fire course:

  • 8 Weekly Inspirational Lessons – Video/Audio/Transcript Provided
  • 4 Live Group Connection Calls – 90 minutes each
  • 1 3-hour Virtual Group Retreat
  • 1 Private Session with Minette
  • Creative Fire Starter Kit* (details below)
  • Facebook Group for Connection & Sharing


journeycircles facilitator

*What’s in Your Creative Fire Starter Kit?

(This will be mailed to you after registration)
Blank Sketch Book
JourneyCircles™ cards
Glue Stick
and other surprise goodies.




Meet Your Creative Guide for this journey.

headshot minette riordan Hi, I’m Dr. Minette and am delighted to invite you onto this journey with me. I am a lifelong learner, teacher, serial entrepreneur and creative with a PhD in poetry and a love for all things artsy. I am also a Certified Creative Depth Coach and love using creative process like expressive and narrative arts to help women reconnect to their creativity and design a life they love. I have walked a diverse path between academics, entrepreneurship and coaching. I love combining all of these skills and passions into supporting you in discovering who you are so you can map your next courageous creative journey. If you have any questions about this course or would like more information about working 1-1 with me, you can schedule time to connect with me here.