Seth Godin Quote: Connection Begins with Dignity

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Seth Godin Quote: Connection Begins with Dignity

I have been avidly listening to Seth Godin’s new book The Icarus Deception on my Audible app on my phone. Loving it!! A big part of the book focuses on how important connection is to the new economy. At one point, he says, “Connection begins with dignity.” I love that idea but what does it mean?

Seth Godin goes on to talk about how important it is to look people in the eye, to speak directly to them, to notice them. Our world is full of people who serve us: from your family to the grocery store clerk, mailman and waiter. If I want to model anything to my children, it’s the importance of seeing people and connecting with them. My kids are no better than the grocery store clerk or waiter, in fact that might be them in a few years.

If we genuinely want to build connection with other people, we have to see them as people! How often are you on the telephone while checking out at the grocery store or making a deposit at the bank. Do you take your spouse for granted when they make dinner, do the laundry or take out the trash? A simple thank you is enough to make sure that the other person feels noticed!

Seth Godin also talks about art, the importance of making more art (you have to read the book to understand how wonderfully he is defining art – all work can be art) and that art does not become art until it makes a connection with someone. Conversation to me is becoming a lost art. As much as I love social media and my iPhone, I still love to connect with people: shake their hand, look them in the eye, make them feel welcome and safe!

How can you spend more time connecting to others with dignity this week?

Here are a couple of writing prompts to help you think about your willingness and desire to connect with others:

1. I feel most connected to others when they… (this may be a personal connection to a loved one or someone you have just met at a networking meeting.)

Where do you struggle with feeling connected and noticed by others? How do you react? Do you hide? Stay home? Insert yourself into the conversation?

2. I love connecting with others by…

What are the regular actions that you take to approach others with dignity? Do you notice others around you? Are you paying attention to people? Are you learning their names and treating them with respect?

Seth Godin’s book The Icarus Deception is my favorite read so far this year. If you are ready to change the way that you are being, creating, seeing and connecting with the world, check it out. And no, this is not an affiliate link just a genuine passion for the what Godin is saying.


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