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Show Me the Money! Transform Your Family Money Legacy

Do you remember this movie with Tom Cruise? Have you ever had a client make you feel like this? Have you ever felt both as desperate and as passionate about your business as Jerry Maguire? Do you ever think about how your relationship with money is impacting your life and your business success?

The truth is that we all have relationship issues with money. No matter how much money we are making, we all have an income ceiling and we all have a family legacy that influences how we think and feel about money. Our family money legacy impacts our beliefs and abilities to ask for what we are worth. It impacts how we feel about debt and it influences all the decisions we make about how we save, spend or make money.

Reflecting on your family legacy around money can create a powerful breakthrough in your business and your personal life. Here are a few journaling questions to get you started:

What is the money story you grew up with?

What is the core underlying money belief within that story?

How has this story shown up in your life?

Who did this story come from?

What was their positive intention (for themselves)?

What is there to love or be grateful for?

What is there to forgive?

Part of my money legacy showed up in how easy it was for me to create debt because I had a stepfather who would swoop in and rescue me, even though he felt that debt was bad and I should not be accumulating it. I realized I had very mixed feelings about debt and money and I needed to look a bit more deeply into how my stepfather’s language around money impacted my own beliefs and my business.

He grew up during the depression and was always very careful with his money and never had debt. He was an amazing saver and he loved cash. He always kept thousands of dollars in cash on hand, just in case he needed it. He was also very generous and would always lend us money if we were in need, often forgiving the debt after we had paid at least part of it off.

In my last business, I was grossing hundreds of thousands of dollars and still accumulating debt because of my unconscious belief that someone would swoop in to rescue me. Once I realized that this belief was no longer serving me, I accepted 100% responsibility for the financial well-being of my company and was able to both make more money and pay down the debt.

I encourage you to take a look at how your family money legacy is either supporting you or creating challenges for you. If you are ready to create a new family money legacy for yourself and for the people who are important to you, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 45 minute “Money Breakthrough” session with me. During our time together, I will help you to create a new family money legacy that is empowering and will transform your current relationship with money so that you can breakthrough any income plateau and reach new levels of success.

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