Socialize to Boost Creativity

socialize to boost creativity

socialize to boost creativitySocialize to Boost Creativity

One of the best ways to come up with creative ideas is to get out and talk to people. Socializing can be a great source of ideas and inspiration.

It might be good to talk a friend or colleague, or it could be better to talk to a total stranger. You know that your friends will offer some kind of stimulation and you may have a friend who is particularly good for bouncing ideas off of.

On the other hand, a total stranger can give you a new perspective. Talking to someone who comes from another walk of life can be a great way to get new ideas.

Start by considering who to talk to. Is there someone in particular who you feel inspired after talking to? Likewise, avoid people who sap your energy and who aren’t particularly creative or adventurous. Try to seek out friends who are creative themselves.

Socializing to boost creativity is not only a great exercise for you, but for your friend as well. Hopefully, you can both get some ideas out of the interchange.

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