Time for Spring Cleaning? Why Your Messy Desk is Killing Your Business Success

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Time for Spring Cleaning!

Why Your Messy Desk is Killing Your Business Success

I have been thinking about Spring Cleaning the past few weeks. Both my mom and my mother-in-law have been to visit and the house definitely needed some decluttering. Having company stay always inspires me to clean, how about you?

When I do have company, my craft room gets converted to the guest room and all my crafty supplies get moved into our office, including boxes, magazines, books and projects in process. We have a large office but bringing all this stuff in definitely adds to the general mayhem.

I know for a fact that clutter kills my creativity! I need my craft supplies to be neat and the table clean before I can begin to create anything new. So why don’t I feel the same way about my desk which tends to be overrun with stacks of paper, receipts, cards and sticky notes.

Why does all the household paper end up on my desk, too? There are stacks from the kids, bills to file, a pile for the taxes, notes from various committee meetings… the list goes on and I tend to allow the piles to grow higher and higher before I make the time to organize them. Yes, they are organized piles, I can put my hand on anything I need… or can I? Can you relate?

The truth is, I love a clean working space. The picture to the right is my desk right now as I write this newsletter. When my desk gets too messy, I go work at the kitchen table or the small desk in my bedroom. Doh! Awareness is half the battle, right? Recognizing these patterns has also led me to some awareness around other types of clutter in my life and in my client’s lives, especially money clutter and mental clutter.

Clearing up clutter in every aspect of my life has made a dramatic impact on my business and especially on my profitability. Because I have seen the powerful changes that can happen from clearing your clutter, I have decided to host a FREE WEBINAR on Monday, April 7 at 10am PST.

Free Webinar Monday, April 7 at 10am PST: Why Your Messy Desk is Killing Your Business Success

Here’s what I will be discussing:

  • Why Clutter Kills Creativity
  • How Clutter Impacts your Business
  • What Causes Mental Clutter and How to Clear It

Here’s what will happen when you clear the clutter:

  • Find Hidden Money
  • Find Hidden Treasure
  • Find Brilliant New Business Ideas
    Find Your Creative Spirit

Please join me on Monday, April 7 at 10am PST. In the meantime, I encourage you to spend just 15 minutes today de-cluttering! You won’t regret it. Just register below to receive all the details.

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Be sure to share in the comments below your de-cluttering success stories!

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