HeartWise™ Core Values Cards


core values assessmentLiving a values-based life is equivalent to living a HeartWise™ life. When we honor our core values, decisions are easier to make, life is more fulfilling and relationships are less troubled. These cards are designed to help you focus on the core values that are most important to you or that you need to pay more attention to in order to live a heart-centered life. They are also a great tool for families and couples who want a fun, creative way to talk about core values. These cards are an invitation to live a HeartWise™ life that is joyful, authentic and intentional.

The deck features 52 core values. Each card represents one value, with a definition and an affirmation on the back of the card for putting your values into action in your life.

Dr. Minette Riordan personally created the artwork for each of these stunning cards. Anyone who works with Minette in her individual or group coaching programs will receive a copy of this original and inspiring deck.

“Minette created the most gorgeous deck of cards to help people (individuals, couples and families) tap into the energy of their highest values and also to facilitate candid conversations around values. What I love most about these cards is that they hold the energy of each value, which is different than talking ‘about’ a value…you are truly ‘connecting’ to the energy within yourself when you use these! What could be better?” – Dr. Tina Ferguson