Successful People Know How to Manage Time

how to manage time

how to manage time Successful People Know
How to Manage Time

People ask me all the time, “How do you get so much done? You always seems to be so busy!” I reply that my life is wonderfully full. Busy is not a word I like to use. I do have a couple of time management secrets that I can share but first, do you know where your time is going? I had a coach pose this question once in a mastermind group. Discovering the answer was mind-blowing. I still have a few classic time wasters that I know I could stand to eliminate from my day but mostly I have figured out how to manage my time effectively.

Successful people know how to manage time. I have heard my mentors talk about how tightly they manage their calendar. There’s no success without it. Do you feel that you’re as busy as you can be but not getting where you want to be and not achieving even a fraction of what you want? Everyone has heard the expression, “You become effective by working smart instead of working hard.”

Are you saying to yourself, “Well, yes, but how?”

The secret is twofold: knowledge and structure. Below you will learn some strategies and techniques that will help you manage time Your ability to plan, organize, and manage time is critical to your success at work and many other areas of your life.

There are only 24 hours in a day. We can not change that. However, we can use the time we have more effectively. By taking control of your time, you can become more productive. Successful people utilize their time wisely. It’s time to analyze how you spend your time and start to take the steps needed to improve your time management skills.

Step One – Identify Your Time Wasters

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First let’s take a look at potential time wasters. The blank spaces are included so you can add any potential time wasters not already covered. When I added up how much time I spend on some of these activities, the results were staggering. Even though I am pretty organized and get a lot done, I discovered I spend more time than I thought on some of these activities.

How many hours per week do you spend:

Checking Email:
Watching TV:
Surfing the Net:
On the Phone:
Instant Messaging:
Social Media:

Total Hours: ___________

Step Two: What Are You Wasting Most of Your Time Doing?

Simply identify your 3 worst time wasters from above.

Worst Time Wasters (include # of hours)
1. __________________________________ no. of hours:_______
2. __________________________________ no. of hours:_______
3. __________________________________ no. of hours:_______


Step Three: How Much Time Can You Save?

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Now, how much are you willing to cut back on these time wasters and start replacing them with more productive activities? Track the time you spent doing the above activities this week and see if you can improve with less hours:

  1. __________________________________ no. of hours:_______
  2.  __________________________________ no. of hours:_______
  3.  __________________________________ no. of hours:_______

Total # of Hours Saved: _____

I encourage you to try this for the next week or two and see how much progress you make. Once you realize you have been wasting time, it’s also crucial to discern what activities should replace the time wasters. Structure your time by creating a daily calendar of actions that will move your business forward. Stop checking email and make phone calls instead or write a blog post. Intentional activities that are pre-planned will help you to create the success you seek, without overwhelming you or making you feel like you just keep working harder.

And if you are struggling to create systems that support you and don’t overwhelm me, I encourage you to call me. Sign up now for a free “Work Smarter Not Harder” breakthrough session. Together we will spend about an hour discovering exactly what is holding you back and defining the next most important steps you need to take to master your time and bring more balance into your life. I only offer a couple of these sessions each week, so act fast. Go here to grab your time on the calendar:

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