symbolism nautilus shell

Symbolism of the Nautilus Shell

Is it Time to Expand?

I never know what symbol might appear in my art but I trust that there is always a message I need to hear. Over the past week I worked on this painting and after completing the piece, I researched the symbolism of the nautilus shell.

The nautilus shell is a powerful symbol for evolution, growth, outgrowing our shell and rebuilding. As the cephalapod who lives in the shell outgrows one chamber of the shell, it builds a larger one, and a larger one, and on and on until it dies.

This is such a powerful metaphor for looking at where I am in my life and my business.

Here are some of the questions I have been asking:

  • What have I outgrown?
  • Am I trying to fit myself into a shell that is too small?
  • Am I hiding in my nautilus shell instead of expanding into a new space?

As I look ahead for 2017, I love creating the architecture for the new chamber of my personal nautilus shell. My husband Brad and I have been in many deep conversations about personal and business growth over the past few weeks. I love these conversations and yet, I see that I will be required to stretch and grow beyond my comfort zone.

I ask you today, are you ready to grow in 2017, to stretch, to expand and live at the far edge of your comfort zone?

How can you be like the nautilus shell and stretch into a new shape and size in the coming year?