core values

13 Ways to Say “Thank You”

One of the most powerful phrases in the English language is “thank you.” I am BIG on kindness, I try to let it lead my life and I find that people really notice it. My sense is that they feel safe around me because they can count on me to be that way. My family,…

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business mission values

I am one with infinite missions

“I am one with infinite missions” I love magazines and am often inspired by things I find in ads or read in articles. This headline and mission statement came from an ad in Forbes magazine for a Japanese company called Itochu. My husband Brad and I recently created a new mission and vision statement for…

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Values in Action: Beauty and the Beast

Today’s Values in Action column is about BEAUTY. I saw the word beauty and laughed. Last week I talked about appreciation, especially about self-appreciation. I think the universe is trying to tell me something. My personal journey this year is definitely about appreciating my own beauty in this moment right now. At the same time,…

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Two reasons we don’t stick to our New Year’s Resolutions

Two reasons we don’t stick to our New Year’s Resolutions There are two reasons we don’t stick to our New Year’s Resolutions: lack of commitment and focus. Are you making progress on your 2013 resolutions yet? Have you already lost your list or given up on that new diet and exercise program? Or perhaps like…

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