handmade junk journal

V is for Variety in your Visual Journals

From handmade visual journals to pre-bought sketchbooks, junk journals and gorgeous bound journals, variety is the spice in my creative life. As we work our way from Z to A with what I love about visual journaling, we land on V. V is for Variety of course! I use my visual journals as a way…

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Day 2 – My relationship with Prayer

For day 2 of 21 days of courageous creativity I’ve chosen the prompt prayer. My relationship with prayer started young I have an interesting relationship with prayer. Being raised Catholic, I found many aspects of the prayers, songs and rituals that were wonderful and magical. I lost sight of these aspects on my own spiritual…

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creative mindset typewriter

6 Signs You Have a Creative Mindset

Do you have a creative mindset? You are creative! In fact, creativity and in particular creative problem solving are what sets human beings apart from other species. What’s missing is your belief or mindset that you are creative. But it’s not your fault. There is a misconception in our culture that creativity is drawing, painting…

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palm trees bend but don't break acrylic painting

Palm Trees Bend But Don’t Break – Acrylic Painting on Canvas

  An Acrylic Painting of Palm Trees Bending in the Wind on a Stormy Day Today I am celebrating the successful completion of my first commissioned painting of palm trees bending in the wind over a storm sky. This was one of the hardest things I have done as a newer artist still finding my…

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creative expression

5 Ways to Connect to Intuition through Creative Expression

Everyone has the ability to be creative – including you! Once you learn how to unleash your inner creativity, you’ll be able to tap into it, no matter what else is going on in your life. You might even be amazed at what you’re really capable of! Creative expression is all about allowing your soul…

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Why Is Creativity Such a Hot Topic in Business Today?

Why Is Creativity Such a Hot Topic in Business Today? Authors such as Seth Godin, who is one of my favorite marketing mentors, are touting creativity as an invaluable skill in business. In his insightful book The Icarus Deception, Godin claims that we are all artists; we must see our work as art, no matter…

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boost creative confidence

Want to Boost Creative Confidence? Get Silly!

Want to Boost Creative Confidence? Get Silly! I recently had one of my clients send me some follow up homework on an assignment I had asked him to complete. It was a story completion about creating a Giant Billboard for his business and included some questions like what does it smell like or taste like?…

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socialize to boost creativity

Socialize to Boost Creativity

Socialize to Boost Creativity One of the best ways to come up with creative ideas is to get out and talk to people. Socializing can be a great source of ideas and inspiration. It might be good to talk a friend or colleague, or it could be better to talk to a total stranger. You…

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create a vision board

5 Ways to Create a Vision Board that Works

5 Ways to Create a Vision Board that Works It’s the time of year when many of us are planning for the new year, setting goals and intentions, selecting theme words and many other variations on creating a vision of what we want to achieve in 2015. One fun and effective way to craft your…

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Writing Tips: Allow Your Stories to Unfold Gently

Writing Tips: Allow Your Stories to Unfold Gently Have you seen the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? I finally saw it this weekend and had heard that it was delightful but enjoyed it much more than I anticipated. It’s full of some of my favorite actors, especially Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. The writing…

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