marketing mistakes12 Marketing Mistakes Creative Entrepreneurs Make – Part 1

If you are going to effectively grow your business, then there are twelve marketing mistakes you should be aware of. You will not grow your business beyond your current revenue level if you don’t effectively learn how to market yourself and the services you offer.

How do I know this? Because I have made may of these mistakes and watched my creative clients make all of them as well. When you become an entrepreneur, it’s usually because you are passionate about what you do – whatever gifts and talents you have, services you provide and products you create. If you are reading this, it may be because you have many talents but marketing isn’t one of them.

What I have discovered in my 15 years as a creative entrepreneur is that marketing is a mindset that you have to cultivate on a daily basis. If you don’t become comfortable with the idea of marketing, you won’t build a profitable business, you will just have a hobby!

Let me share the story of Tom and his brother with you in order to illustrate where we are going in this chapter. Tom wrote, “My brother and I decided one of the ways we would make money for ourselves was to create a lawn-cutting business. Being the astute and smart person that I was, I decided I would figure out how to build the best lawn-care business I could. I made sure I had a really good lawn mower. I actually turned the lawn mower over and made sure I had the sharpest blades. I knew if I created a pattern for doing people’s lawns and made that lawn look great, I’d have a great business and I could make myself some money.

My younger brother, Stan, on the other hand, borrowed whatever lawn mowers he could find. He would often borrow lawn mowers from the people whose lawn he mowed. Within about two weeks, Stan was cutting lawns for six people around the city. While I was still trying to figure out how to sharpen my blade, my brother was raking in the money. What I realized very quickly and what I learned from my brother, which bothered me because he was my younger brother, was that he had all this money coming in and he’d created this really cool business. While he was making money, I was focused on building my lawn-care business. He was focused on marketing his lawn care services.

While I was cleaning my lawn mower, he was knocking on people’s doors, saying, ‘We’ve got this cool business.’ He had so much business he was hiring people in his class to help him. That’s the difference. If you don’t get that, eventually you’ll end up like I did, sitting by the side of the road with no business because I didn’t know how to market myself.”

Tom learned several valuable lessons that summer that illustrate the massive mistakes that creative entrepreneurs make. The key difference between Tom and his brother was mindset. By the end of this blog series, I hope you create a whole new mindset about yourself as a marketer.

I guarantee that this is the secret to your business success!

Marketing Mistake #1 – Not seeing yourself as a marketer.

The fundamental mistake creative entrepreneurs make is that they don’t see themselves in the business of marketing their service or product. They just see themselves as a business owner or service provider, whatever the job is that they do. The truth is that you are a marketer. If you don’t see yourself as a marketer, you’ll never grow your business.

I would imagine that you started your business because you believe you have the credentials, gifts, talents, and passion for helping people. I know that’s why I’m in business—to be of service to others. But being a coach, artist, therapist, writer, graphic designer, or whatever the work is that you do as a creative entrepreneur is not the business you’re in. You are in the business of marketing. Without marketing, you have no business.

Mistake #2 – Thinking that people care about you and your business.

I hate to tell you this, but nobody cares about your business. Doesn’t that make you feel good? Nobody cares about your business, your passion, or your credentials. One of the assumptions we creative entrepreneurs make is that people care about what we do. What I’ve discovered in my own businesses is this: people don’t care about the how, and they don’t care about my tools, training, or processes. What people care about is themselves. They care about their nagging pains, their problems, and their predicaments, what I fondly refer to  as the Three Ps.

Let me ask you why you are reading this blog series. If I can guess, it’s because you are not currently attracting as many clients or making as much money as you’d like. Am I right?

Your specific audience will only bother to think about you or what you can offer them if somehow you touch them where their pain is or where their problems are. The mistake many creative entrepreneurs make is thinking people will automatically care about what we’re offering in the world. People are looking for a solution to their problems. Your job as a marketer is to show them why your solution is the best one.

Mistake # 3 – Believing that because you have a business, you will get business.

I see this so often with clients of mine. They believe in the “field of dreams” model of business. You remember Field of Dreams, the movie? “If you build it, they will come.” The reality is people don’t come just because you build it. When I owned my publishing company, I would see this happen time after time. New business owners would spend tens of thousands of dollars to promote a grand opening, and no one would show up. They would send out thousands of mailers, put up balloons and banners, send out press releases, and pray that people would show up. Then they would realize that they had spent all their marketing dollars for an entire year on one event that didn’t drive people to their store, and they didn’t understand why. Grand openings are all about “Look at me! Look at what I built!” They are not focused on building relationships or solving problems for a specific group of people.

12 marketing mistakes

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