Valuable Truths about You – Three Questions You Should Ask

valuable truths

I am so excited to share this great guest post by Jan R. Miesse. I love Jan’s work and how she shows up in her truth in the world. I encourage you to check out her wonderful book, Bloom Girl Bloom. Jan and I share a love of self-reflection and discovery. Her reflection on the Valuable Truths about You is beautifully written and I know I will take my journal out today and spend some time honestly answering these powerful questions.

Valuable Truths about You – Three Questions You Should Ask

valuable truths

by Jan R. Miesse

  1.  Think about your own truth and face it – Is my thinking in line with truth?
  2.  Think about who you want to be every day – Am I who I would admire?
  3. Think about what identity you are projecting to others – Am I someone others can admire?

When I wrote my first non-fiction book, Bloom Girl Bloom (Real Women with Real Answers), I asked women to answer this question, “Who do you admire the most and why?”  The responses were varied but overwhelming the answer from anyone over forty was, strong women.

The women rarely mentioned a politician, a celebrity or someone that they didn’t know. The answers came from real life and people who are admired that live their lives in our presence. Younger women answered the question by listing celebrities, TV personalities, movie stars and women in the news. I am sad that younger women didn’t think of someone who has molded and helped to shape their own life, instead of someone they do not really know in person. If women will face the truth of who they are and who they want to be, their path will be much clearer. Often who we are and who we are meant to be are not aligned.

Purpose is driven by passion and our direction should stay clear. Our paths often take turns we did not expect due to life circumstances but in general, we should be finding our purpose. When people pass on we often hear comments of admiration, respect and kindness about the deceased. What legacy are you making today? Are you someone others admire? Do you bring truth and exceptional kindness to your world? To be a strong woman takes dedication to one’s one beliefs and positive living. Moving away from negativity is key. We cannot shine our brightest when people around us influence us in negative and unflattering ways.

Be confident, not arrogant. Be empowered, not pushy. Be loving, not alienated. Live your life on purpose.

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