What you focus on grows

What you focus on grows

What you focus on grows

What you focus on grows

I love this quote from Buddha. I believe that what we focus on grows and I am living proof, aren’t you? Sometimes this can be a lesson hard learned. When I look in the mirror and am unhappy with my weight or look at my checkbook balance and wonder where the money went, it reminds me that what I focus on grows. It also reminds me that what I fail to focus on is what often needs my attention the most. When I am focused, success always follows and it’s often the small details that matter the most in creating opportunities.

Sometimes what we need to focus on might surprise us. It can be more important to take a walk on the beach than sit down and send out an email to your list. Or it’s more important to spend 15 minutes reading to your daughter right now than returning that phone call. If you are feeling disconnected, overwhelmed and out of sorts, it’s most likely because you have lost sight of what really matters.

Focus is freedom.

When we focus on what matters most – love, family, work, health, you fill in the blank – we find ourselves in a new place in our lives where everything suddenly seems brighter. Possibilities appear where before there only seemed to be challenges and obstacles in our path. I believe that focus is freedom because when we are focused on what’s important and what’s in alignment with our values, everything starts to be easier and you become more magnetic, easily attracting the freedom and abundance you desire.

Focus creates flow.

Many athletes talk about being in the flow. My daughter and I watched a guy walk over the Grand Canyon on a skywire on television this morning. Quite an impressive example of being in the flow and creating success because of his fierce focus. Without focus, he would have plummeted to his death. If you are struggling in your business or in your relationships, you have lost sight of the main river and are lost on a tributary somewhere. What can you do to bring yourself back to flow today? Think about it, trust your intuition and take action.

Focus attracts abundance.

In the past few weeks I have refocused on my business, following guidance, doing the homework my coach has given me and I am seeing the success and abundance follow. I have new coaching clients and making progress on details that need to get done, like getting my blog going. I love to write but don’t always make the time for it.When I start to focus intently on one area of my life, it has a positive impact on every other area as well. Areas where I am struggling are highlighted, I see them leaping out and calling for attention. I suck at paperwork, I admit it, but when I stay on top of my paperwork, abundance follows. Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but getting things done creates forward progress, drives momentum and opens space for other things to happen, like taking care of my clients.

When we focus on the wrong things.

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and tired of struggling right now? Sometimes we put all of our focus into what’s NOT working. Remember, what you focus on grows – whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly. For me, not paying attention to my diet wreaks havoc on my energy, my weight and my mental state. I get down on my self, focused more on judgement than self-acceptance. I get so tired of the struggle and yet I know what I need to do to shift back to the place of freedom and flow. Why don’t I stay there? I am human. It’s hard to maintain focus all the time. I know that, but I am committed to living the best life I can. We all need reminders, cheerleaders and someone to hold our hand and give us some objective feedback.

If you need someone to help you refocus, recommit and reconnect to what matters to you, I am offering a 30 day program just to help you get out of that place where you feel like you are spinning out of control and don’t know what direction to go next. Here’s what one client had to say after our first session, “Wow, that was great stuff yesterday! I can’t believe how easily we uncovered all of that stuff during the head, heart, gut process! It was just so easy to access those images and words. You hold a great space!” I guarantee that at the end of 30 days, you will understand why focus is freedom and know exactly what you need to focus on to achieve the freedom and abundance you deserve. Get the details here and schedule a free strategy session with me today.

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  1. Erin Summ on July 6, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    Great reminders! Thanks for the blog, just what I needed to hear. I have been feeling overwhelmed, and have been trying to focus on turning the overwhelm into motivation. P.S. What is your name? It doesn’t say in your about the author section.

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