International Women’s Day: A Step towards Inspiring Change for Women Entrepreneurs

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International Women’s Day: A Step towards Inspiring Change for Women Entrepreneurs


Today is International Women’s Day. Women entrepreneurs around the globe unite to observe the annual event. This year, the theme for the IWD is “Inspiring Change.” It aims to promote women’s advancement in every aspect of lives from political to economic to social avenues. True, there are significant changes that the world has seen over the past 100 years when it comes to promoting women’s rights and equality. But we all need to admit that there are still a lot to do, especially by women entrepreneurs.

The annual event aims to help women in general to inspire change that focuses on fairer recognition in arts, sports, math, engineering, science and technology and financial independence. But women entrepreneurs may be more interested in one area where they can inspire change: women-owned business.

How do Women Entrepreneurs Inspire Change?

As women entrepreneurs, how do you inspire change? There are a lot of ways to accomplish that. Here are a few of them:

Giving Meaning

Before women entrepreneurs inspire change, the first thing that they need to do is to provide meaning. What is it to change? Why should it be changed? Without answers, goals may be dimmed making them difficult to focus. Giving meaning to a goal or an objective helps to move women entrepreneurs. It empowers them to identify their interests. With discovered interest, they will start having a positive view on what they are doing. With newfound meaning and re-ignited passion, women entrepreneurs will view their business as a calling. Grasping the meaning  of what they do will inspire them to enjoy their work, pouring ideas one after the other resulting to higher productivity, more customer conversion, happy employees and more successful business.

Manage Energy Flows

Work-life balance may be a myth especially for women entrepreneurs who are also mothers and wives juggling between running a business and household chores. So what can help them to always be energized in all aspects of their lives? It could help if they learn how to manage their energy flows. How do they accomplish that? There are a few basic steps:

  • Prioritize – identify activities that need your energize the most. At the same time, pinpoint situations that sap your energy.
  • Write a “To-Do” list to help you manage your time and avoid having your energy sapped quickly.
  • Exercise self-awareness. Once you became aware of your priorities, you can focus without distractions, making energy management more effective.


Adopt a Positive Frame of Mind

Having a positive frame of mind is more than just having positive thinking. When women entrepreneurs adopt a positive frame of mind, it means they are ready to accept facts of life including failure and adversity and then they have this awareness to counter the negativity with appropriate action. Self-awareness plays an integral role of achieving this. If something went bad and was not part of the plan, take some time out – spend time with your kids, talk to a friend, do some work-out, go shopping! These activities help restore not just your energy but also your belief to yourself.


Invest in Good Connection

Women entrepreneurs who have strong networks enjoy their business more. Their good sense of belonging also allows them live an enjoyable life even more. We cannot stress enough how pertinent it is to connect with your customers and clients. In addition, establishing good connection to your employees is equally important. Your staff should see you not just their boss but as their mentor – someone willing to train them and gauge them to succeed. How can women entrepreneurs do this?


  • Treat your staff as your team, not your minions. It doesn’t hurt to ask help from them once in a while. Ask for their ideas, opinions or insights. They may contribute a lot to help your business stay afloat in a very long time.
  • Look for opportunities to befriend your employees even outside the office. Find out what interests them.
  • Show your human side.



Ownership – that is something that women entrepreneurs should take seriously into consideration.  When it comes on taking risks, it is an ingredient that will be very helpful. How do women entrepreneurs incorporate ownership to engagement? Try doing the following:


  • Have the courage to dive in and know the ins and outs o the business.
  • Use business analytical tools to solve problems. Assess the risks and take the time to manage them.
  • Reach out to others. They may help you with important decision-making.


The International Women’s Day opens many doors to empower women entrepreneurs. Take the time to open one of them and start inspiring change!




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    Lovely article, Minette.

    Especially the loving advice to take time out to restore balance.

    Grateful to be connected with you.

    • minette on March 11, 2014 at 2:11 pm

      Thanks, Sue! Feeling grateful for you as well. Loved your post today on Sharing Gratitude.

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